BOB - Bottle Opening Buddy

BOB has a spring loaded cam which gives a super strong grip on the plastic bottle cap. Unlike so many of the other plastic cap bottle openers on the market there is no need with BOB to press down or squeeze the device hard to give grip on the bottle cap.

As BOB is slid onto the top of the bottle cap the centrally located cam automatically engages and grips the cap. Then with several small back and forth movements of the hand the seal is broken and the cap loosened.

There are two openings on either end of BOB to accommodate a wide range of plastic cap sizes on all sorts of bottles such as soda, tea or sports drinks.

BOB is a fantastic device for any person big, small, young or old to open a multitude of different plastic bottle caps with superb ease!!

"BOB makes opening my plastic water bottles easy. Instead of fighting those tiny plastic tops, made to intimidate the skin of older people, I can now drink water without the uncomfortable side effects!"

-Ann Ross